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Visiting Porto: The Mighty Francesinha

Visiting Porto: The Mighty Francesinha


Every city has its quirky signature dish that sets it apart. Chicago has deep dish pizza, Halifax has donairs, Osaka has okonomiyaki and Shanghai has xiaolongbao (you know, those awesome steamed dumplings filled with crab soup). Porto has the Francesinha, a sandwich of epic proportions.

The Francesihna is bad-ass. It’s not a sandwich for sissies. It’s disgustingly massive, full of any kind of…

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Tipperary at Dusk


I was staying at my father-in-law’s house while Pat was away on business. One evening, a few days after daylight savings, I looked outside and saw the most beautiful sky. It was at around 7:30 pm and Maeve was just about to go to bed, but I strapped her into her sling and instead of sleeping we went out to enjoy the beautiful evening.




There’s a ruin of an old glebe on my father-in-law’s land.…

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The Whole Duck, and Nothing But.

The Whole Duck, and Nothing But.


The other day, I was doing a quick shop in Lidl when I saw they had a special on whole duck for roasting.

Now, if I want a good duck, I’ll get it from a local butcher. It’s worth the money because the bird is meatier and fattier – better for roasting as you’ll end up with much more of the succulent meat. But these whole ducks at Lidl were EIGHT EURO. For an entire duck. I couldn’t pass it up. I…

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West Waterford Festival of Food

West Waterford Festival of Food


Most non-Irish don’t realize this, but Ireland truly is the land of festivals come spring and summertime. When you’re planning a trip to Ireland, you’re thinking you’ll spend your days drinking in quiet pubs and seeing the Cliffs of Moher. You should definitely still do those things, but also, take a minute and check out More than likely, there will be some kind of food, music or…

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My Favourite Places #3: Peter’s Fruit & Veg, Templemore, Co. Tipperary

My Favourite Places #3: Peter’s Fruit & Veg, Templemore, Co. Tipperary


March was such a whirlwind; I barely spent any time at our house in Waterford (where all the high speed internet is). Nearly as soon as we got home from Portugal it was time to pack up our clunker of a car and drive home to Tipperary, where Maeve and I spent nearly two weeks while Patrick was on a business trip in Boston.

In all the March Madness (as it were), I didn’t get a chance to post my…

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Backpacking with Baby


Going backpacking is a great way to see the world. Everything you need is, literally, strapped to your back, making it easy to move from one place to another. It makes you stop and think “What do I really need? What am I actually going to use?” as you pack, because you have a finite space to fit everything into. It’s not for everyone, but Pat and I have always enjoyed backpacking, having done it…

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A Belated St. Patrick’s Day Greeting

A Belated St. Patrick’s Day Greeting

Hello, friends!

Pussy Willows! In Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny

Pussy Willows! In Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny

We made it to Portugal and back in one piece. Actually, even better than one piece (if that’s possible). We flew out last Friday (the 7th) and returned to Ireland after nine blissful, sunshiney days touring the country with our backpacks and baby in tow. We flew back to Ireland the day before St. Patrick’s Day for obvious reasons – I…

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Cranberry Pistachio Loaf


So it’s Thursday.

It’s been a crazy few months, and tomorrow morning we’re heading to Dublin Airport where we will fly to Portugal in the afternoon. Patrick needs this vacation so he can de-stress from work. I need this vacation so I can de-stress from “not working”, aka staying home with baby all day.

I mean, I love my daughter. I just need to de-stress. Babies are stressful. Who knew?



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My Favourite Places #2: No. 9 Barronstrand Café

My Favourite Places #2: No. 9 Barronstrand Café


That No. 9 is a favourite place of mine may not come as a surprise to some of you. I mean, I practically live there.

Whether I’m running errands downtown and need a quick break with the baby or need to get out of the house to work on the many, many (many) pieces I need to get written right now, I like to come here for the food and relaxed ambiance.

12832350195_426cc09028_z (1)

You’re probably thinking “It’s a cafe, duh, of…

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