Cooking With Craic

A Canadian Cook in Ireland

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Life’s a Beach

Life’s a Beach


Things are busy right now. Real busy.

Visiting family, day trips and our everyday jobs are making what was meant to be a vacation into a full-time job, but you won’t catch me complaining. I’m loving having my husband here, my brothers and their families and all the time I’m spending with the fabulous folks at Tourism Cape Breton. I have so much to post about, but it won’t be happening today.




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Romesco Sauce


Life in Cape Breton is so busy compared to my past year in Ireland! I’m feeling a bit like a single mom, even though I have lots of (appreciated) help from my parents and extended family. I miss how Pat used to let me sleep in on Saturdays while he got up with Maeve.

I miss Ireland, a bit, too. I didn’t think I would. Not that I don’t love living there, I just never thought it would live up to…

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Nectarine Amaretto Crumble Cake

Nectarine Amaretto Crumble Cake


I actually made this cake several weeks ago, while I was still in Ireland. It was silage time and my kitchen had gone from “fully stocked” to “running on empty” in a matter of days. When you consider how long the silage took to complete (about three days) and how many farmers it took to complete the job (about 6-8), I’m not sure why I thought I’d have enough food to feed the guys for tea, lunch…

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Where We Swim


The winters in Cape Breton are long, bitterly cold and full of snow. Some years, the snow is still here in May. Some years, we don’t get much of a spring. Like this year. There was snow on the ground only several short weeks ago and now it’s incredibly hot – summer has been in full swing since late June.

There isn’t much air conditioning in Cape Breton. It doesn’t get as hot here as it does in…

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A Cape Breton-Style Lobster Dinner (Also: How to Eat Whole Lobster)

A Cape Breton-Style Lobster Dinner (Also: How to Eat Whole Lobster)


Does the title of this post sound a bit condescending? I hope not.

The thing is, so many visitors come to this part of the world to take in the natural beauty and to indulge in some amazing seafood. Many aren’t that familiar with the way we serve lobster – that is, steamed or boiled, whole, and served with drawn (melted) butter for dipping the meat. Plain and simple, in every Cape Bretoner’s…

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My Favourite Places #5: Charlene’s Bayside, Whycocomagh, NS

My Favourite Places #5: Charlene’s Bayside, Whycocomagh, NS


Now that I’m home in Cape Breton it’s great to be able to share a few of my favourite local places with you!

If you’re from the East Coast of Canada, chances are you enjoy eating seafood by the bucket-load (not exaggerating; we literally eat buckets of seafood here). Scallops, mussels, haddock, crab, salmon and, perhaps the most sacred crustacean of all, the Atlantic lobster are found in…

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A Happy Belated Canada Day (Among Other Things)

A Happy Belated Canada Day (Among Other Things)


Hi all!

Time here in Cape Breton is flying. As I re-read my last post I can’t believe the difference a week makes.

It’s been hot. Hellishly, devilishly hot. Low-mid 30′s every day with high humidity. My dad and I have been spending a lot of time swimming in the river and Maeve has been living in the bathtub and kiddie pool – the heat has been a lot for that little Irish lass to take. She’s…

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Welcome Home.


One four hour flight, a three hour layover and then another 1.5 hour flight and I was home in Nova Scotia. Maeve and I were greeted by sunshine, light breezes (they didn’t last – it was freezing soon after) and my mom and Aunt Joan.

A quick stay in Halifax with my Aunt & Uncle and we were back in Cape Breton last Sunday. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be home. It’s so great to see Maeve…

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Hi All!

I’ve got a lot to say before I head to Canada on Thursday. Here’s a bit of a (random) round-up of what’s been going on in my world these past few weeks:

Silage Cookin’:

14389268295_cbd7d434d3_z (1)

‘Tis the season! The farm is buzzing with activity as we race against the weather to get all the silage cut and gathered. Of course, this means we depend on our neighbours, friends and family for help. Having plenty of…

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Never-Fail Chocolate Cake


The month of May was an absolute whirlwind. It was one of those months that, when it’s over, you look back and say to yourself, “what even happened last month?” and then you remember: you had visitors. And communions. And long weekends. And a very busy, increasingly mobile/vocal baby.

Now that we’re well into June I realize I don’t have that much time before Maeve and I head to Canada for the…

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